How to Maximize Moisture

Hi Naturals!

I wanted to find a way to keep my hair moisturized & prevent breakage.I found the LOC/LCO method worked best for my hair & most curlies. What is the LOC/LCO method? It is the abbreviation for how products should be applied.
L= liquid (water or “water based” leave in conditioner)
O= oil
L= liquid (water or “water based” leave in conditioner)
C= cream
O= oil

Remember curly friends this is just a guide. There is no one size fit all when it comes to kinky curly coily hair.
For best results the LOC/LCO method should be done on freshly washed & conditioned hair.

Ok let’s get started.

Step One
Leave-In Conditioner or Water
Apply from root to tip to freshly washed hair a water-based moisturizing leave-in like our
Oatmeal Banana Leave-in Conditioner or
use a spray bottle with water (my favorite is a fine mist spray bottle)

Step Two
To lock in moisture, apply small amount of oil like our Ultimate Dry Hair Serum to your hair from root to tip concentrating on the ends of your hair.

Step Three
Lastly grab our Intense Whipped Moisturizing Buttercream apply on hair from root to tip again concentrating on those ends.
Style as usual

Step Four
Silk/ Satin Bonnet
Protect your hair! Always sleep with a silk/satin bonnet, scarf, sheets or all the above.

Try this out for 2-4 weeks before determining if it works best for your hair.

Since high porosity curlies struggle with moisture retention this method may be your holy grail.
If you have low porosity hair (like me) if your hair feels greasy, limp, weighed down you can limit your products (ie.., use only conditioner & butter or conditioner oil)

The natural hair journey is a lot of trial & error. Always remind yourself this is a journey not a sprint. This method can always be modified to suit your needs.

The ends are the oldest part of your hair don’t forget to show them the most love ❤️ If have any questions on how to use my products feel free to leave me a message